Cutting Costs in the Workplace

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Removing “all or nothing” licenses can help better utilize budgets

For all the ways technology has benefited the workplace by boosting productivity and efficiency, the way we acquire these tools is simply behind the times. All or nothing licensing can become a huge waste in the Enterprise. Paying for 100 licenses is not logical when maybe 1/3 are used enough to warrant the cost. Yet it is believed to be the only way. If you want it, you will pay, and that’s the bottom line.

Here at Ryngly, we are tired of being held captive by this philosophy. Conferencing and collaboration tools are used by nearly every industry type, having all but replaced the typical conference room by allowing for a virtual conference room not bound by size or time. These also tend to be one of the larger line items on an annual budget.

With Ryngly’s pay as you go structure, you can be certain you only pay for what you use. Joe down the hall with his one conference call a month no longer costs you a $50 license, but rather pennies on the dollar using Ryngly. Couple that with all the wasted time (wasted salary) waiting on late joiners, and over time you are looking at some serious savings. Now multiply that across all your employees. We are now looking at super serious savings. Ryngly is the way to meet on-demand, anytime, anywhere. Try it out today. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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